UFO – The Shortfilmfestival.

UFO – that stands for: Unidentified Film Objects.

UFO – It means an evening packed with 15 different shortfilms from high diverse genres, themes and various forms of presentation.

Short but sophisticated staged; symbolic and highly significant; focused and always surprising. The short film is within the film Genera an impressive format, there are so many facets of recorded, passionate operated and constant assimilated.

For its creators, the short film provides technical and artistic challenges - the format challenges by its short the craft art and at the same time it offers a playground for a creative self-realization and to try oneself out cinematically.

Since its establishment in 2005, the UFO-Short Film Festival gives filmmakers from Germany and Europe and in particular the offspring a platform to present their works for the first time in Leipzig.

Taking place in January, it opens the year of Leipzig’s film art.


The short films may not be older than three years and not submitted to any other festival (or a comparable institution) or has been awarded with a prize. The maximal film length of 15 minutes must not be exceeded and the film also have not yet been publicly performed in Leipzig.

We call up to both hobby and amateurs as well as professionels, educated or free filmmakers. They are permitted to submit works of any genera and/or style.

The centerpiece is the competition for various valuable prizes that are awarded for example in the form of technical equipment and software to assist the filmakers further artistic work.


Interview Scheisse

Interview with the filmmakers of “Scheiße”

Felix Kapfer und Frederik Schubert, zwei der Filmemacher unseres Siegerfilms in der Kategorie “Bester Nachwuchskurzfilm”, waren vor Ort beim zurückliegenden U.F.O.-Festival! Auch sie konnten wir […]

Interview dncte

Interview with the filmmakers of “Do Not Come To Europe”

Wie ihr schon wisst, hat der schwedische Dokumentarfilm “Do Not Come To Europe” unser Publikum beim zurückliegenden U.F.O. voll überzeugen können und wurde prompt mit […]


And the winner is…

Das U.F.O. 2017 ist vorbei und die Gewinnerfilme stehen fest! Der Jurypreis “Bester Nachwuchskurzfilm” geht an Felix Kapfer, Jialu Hu und Frederik Schubert mit ihrem […]

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